Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian Church, Dunn Ave. s. of Queen West, west side. Spring 2002.

look at both postcards at once

STILL A SOLID GOTHIC EDIFICE TODAY, and shown here in its paler, more accurate hues, recently cleaned after renovation and expansion. The years have actually pared away whatever architectural frills Parkdale Presbyterian had - the crenellated top of the bell tower has been bricked to a flush line, a rank or so of brickwork lopped off of the roofline's projections, and the ironwork on the roof has, like most Victorian filigree, disappeared.

Now Bonar-Parkdale Presbyterian, after amalgamation with another congregation, it obviously decided to take an independant stance, and exempt itself from unification with the Methodists and Congregationalists into the United Church of Canada, back in 1926. The rectory and its addition are gone - the small congregation is served today by a part-time minister - and a retirement home has been built where they once stood.