the irrefutable truth about demons(2000)
director: glenn standring
karl urban, katie wolfe

. Innovation in horror movies is something of a farce, since audiences really just want to see the same cliches, re-arranged and updated perhaps, but boiling down to little more than a hand lunging for a throat in a darkened room.

Glenn Standring’s The Irrefutable Truth About Demons, from New Zealand, manages to hit every cliche in the book at least once: devil worshipping cults, the skeptic who comes to believe, the hero framed for a grisly murder, the crazy/sexy girl who helps the hero, the leather-clad, tattooed and pierced evil henchmen, cockroaches pouring from an open mouth, etc., etc. That it does so with obvious relish is probably the the film’s sole saving grace.

Movies like the Scream series have shown that audiences like to be in on the joke, and to feel that the whole cast and crew get it, too. Standring’s movie’s greatest asset is that his actors were willing to say a lot of absolute rubbish with a straight face. That, and the fact that New Zealand is home to some really, really big bugs.