sexy beast(2000)
director: jonathan glazer
ben kingsley, ray winstone

. Britain has been producing a flock of tough little gangster films lately, dark comedies like Guy Ritchieís Snatch and the upcoming Gangster No. 1; films fascinated with Ďard men, but none are near as elegant or perfect as Jonathan Glazerís magnificently nasty Sexy Beast.

Gal Dove (Ray Winstone) is a retired London gangster living in happy retirement with his ex- porn actress wife (Amanda Redman) in a stark villa on the sun-baked hills of southern Spain. One bad day, a boulder comes crashing down into his pool, followed by Don, a manically foul-mouthed associate from his criminal days, a leering sociopath who stinks of brimstone, who adamantly wants him to do one more ďjobĒ.

Played by Ben Kingsley, Don is an unblinking juggernaut of hostility whose bullying obscenities, so fantastically overwrought as to sound like some kind of foul poetry, hide the deeper, wounded agenda thatís brought him to Spain. Gal desperately wants to turn him down, but it isnít possible, naturally. 

The heist itself is only the most beautifully constructed section of this impeccably written, acted, shot and edited film. Glazer evokes the minimalist kitsch of Galís life in Spain, and the sinister industry of London, with magnificent precision. An exhuberantly taut, even perfect, little film.