rush hour 2(2001)
director: brett ratner
jackie chan, chris tucker, john lone, zhang ziyi

. According to industry gossip, Jackie Chan -- the most successful martial arts movie star ever -- doesnít own a home. A driven workaholic, he lives in hotel suites and moves from one action movie set to the next without a break. His drive is admirable, but it would be nice if Mr. Chan saw fit to take a vacation with the no doubt considerable profits heíll make from the latest installment in the Rush Hour franchise. Perhaps he might choose his next project with a bit more care.

Itís not that Rush Hour 2 is so terrible, but that it delivers such faint echoes of the excitement we expect from Chanís best films. Chan plays a workaholic Hong Kong police inspector, so it might be appropriate that his character seems constantly tired and distracted. Still, his best Chinese films are driven by his manic energy, displaced here by his hyperactive sidekick, an LAPD detective played by Chris Tucker, an actor who often comes across as a frat house re-imagining of Chris Rock.

Famous for doing his own stunts, and breaking nearly every bone in his body in the process, Chan is obliged by the powerful insurance clauses of American films to farm out his stunt work. The result is that the action sequences -- the only reason to see a Jackie Chan film -- seem half-hearted and sparse, while the buddy comedy dominates, giving much screen time to Tucker and a mawkish, rote script that limps from one tame gag to the next, gasping to the finish line, and the inevitable segue to the next sequel.