the princess & the warrior(2000)
director: tom tykwer
franka potente, bruno fürmann

. Donít let the title fool you -- except for the rather magical ending, there isnít much in the way of escapist fantasy in Tom Tykwerís The Princess & The Warrior. At first, the most moving scenes in the film are the ones that fly the camera over the drab German town where the film is set.

Starring Run Lola Runís Franka Potente, the film shares the earlier filmís reliance on coincidence and fate to set up and drive the plot, not to mention some fluid, soaring camerawork. Unfortunately, for fans of Run Lola Run, it lacks that film's speed and energy. 

Potente plays Sissi, a nurse in a psychiatric clinic whose life is saved, after a truck accident, by Bodo, a brooding, haunted young man. Sheís obsessed with him; heís obsessed with his dead wife. Itís all very sad, but just when their relentlessly miserable lives begin to wear you down, the film develops a sort of delirious lightness that floats it to its conclusion.

German films have a reputation for grimness and a lack of humour that Tykwerís film does little to dispel, and the obsession with destiny is more than a bit ponderous, but you canít help but be moved by the longing for escape, for something beautiful amongst the ugly faces and dreary, joyless buildings of Sissi and Bodoís town.